A new generation of DEX. CEX user experience with DEX backend.

Unlock $10 Billion Liquidity from Top Lending Protocols for Margin Trading

Unlock up to 10x leverage with FlashFlow’s permissionless trading, made possible through its integration of Uniswap, 1inch, AAVE, and Compound.




AMM pools combined in one app


Trading pairs


Less fees compared to CEX

Powered by top defi protocols

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    Get ready to be amazed by the features of our upcoming product!

    Smart routing
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    by flashloans

    Get ready to be amazed by the features of our upcoming product!

    Buy crypto

    New to DeFI? Purchase crypto with credit card, Apple Pay and many other options directly to your wallet


    Margin trading

    Trade with up to 10x leverage and unlimited liquidity powered. Go long or go short



    Swap ERC-20 tokens with best possible rates through 1inch or Uniswap right inside the trading terminal. FlashFlow doesn’t charge any additional fees.



    FlashFlow tokenholders will be able to stake their tokens to get rewards.


    DAO & Governance

    Our goal is to build an open ecosystem that is governed by DAO. FlashFlow tokenholders will be able to vote for important decisions affecting the whole ecosystem.


    Own liquidity pools

    We are going to expand the available assets by introducing our own liquidity pools. Liquidity providers will have additional rewards.


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    FFT token

    We are developing an utility token be the heart of FlashFLow.

    1. Earn staking rewards.
    2. Vote on governance proposals.
    3. And more...

    Referral program

    Invite friends for 40%
    commission rebates!


    Investors & backers

    Building a new world of finance takes resources. We are preparing to raise funds.

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